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Our cutting-edge design make it possible to create piping engineering solutions for complex systems.
Piping Engineering

PBTECHNIC Engineering’s industrial piping design engineering services offers design and detail engineering services cover all the aspects of the 3D detailed design, 2D drafting services, pipe design layout, pipe stress analysis, analysis of pipe supporting structures and design management services. We help EPC and EPCM contractors for a variety of refineries, petrochemical, chemical, LNG terminal, offshore platform, power plant, waste water treatment and other industrial projects with efficient piping design services solutions that meet international codes and standards.

A well-designed piping system can make better use of space, make construction easier, simplify maintenance and accessibility, and increase overall piping system performance.

Services we offer

PBTECHNIC Engineering delivers full piping engineering services including:
Piping Design Engineering
  • Plot plan development

  • Preparation of project specification, piping layout specification, equipment layout specification

  • Performing 2D piping routing studies

  • Preliminary piping design layout, equipment nozzle orientation

  • Construction of line lists / Piping schedules / Valve schedules / Tie in schedules according to P&ID

  • Piping 3D modeling including 3D CAD set-up and administration

  • Preparation of preliminary & detailed General Arrangement Drawings.

  • Expansion of piping material specifications (PMS)

  • Preparation of preliminary & detailed Bill of Materials (BOM)

  • Drafting services, support the development of design and standard drawings

  • Preparation of piping isometrics for design and IFC

  • Final BOMs and General Arrangement Drawings

Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Prepare and expand Piping stress analysis specification

  • Prepare and expand pipe support specification

  • Preparation of critical line-list from the process line-list with pre-defined criteria according to project specifications

  • Construct 3D model for piping systems in CAE software CAESAR II or import PCF files from 3D CAD software

  • Prepare stress isometrics

  • Prepare equipment nozzle datasheet

  • Accurate reporting from CAESAR II

Pipe Support Engineering
  • Preparation of special support

  • Preparation of datasheets and requisition for spring hangers, expansion joints, snubbers, slide plates.

  • Pipe support detail drawings

  • Pipe support markings based on industry standards and special requirements

  • Standardization of pipe support

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