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Bentley Open Plant
Open Plant

PbTechnic is a pioneer OpenPlant company in Vietnam deploying Openplant software to execute the project. Openplant Modeller is the core 3D Modeling tool, part of the Bentley Openplant series for our plant design solutions, that natively supports workflows combining all pertinent plant software standards, support for multiple formats and data types, such as DGN, DWG, JT, point clouds, and PDF, to provide flexible design and review processes.

We offer the complete support to provide multidisciplinary 3D plant modeling services for Piping, Mechanical Equipment, Civil, Structure, E&I, and HVAC with consideration of the best equipment & structure locations, E&I cable tray routes, and piping routes.

Our core expertise

Create your piping specification information, and we will prepare it for you. We have the experience and skills required to unravel your requirements and technical specifications. We have in-depth knowledge in the generation of piping specifications for OpenPlant software.

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