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Effective 3D CAD Services help you transform your concepts into final product
3D CAD Services
3D CAD Services

PbTechnic offers a full range of 3D design services. Our team of highly knowledgeable designers and expert CAD professionals is ready to collaborate with EPC contractors to deliver high-quality 3D modeling services. With the competitive advantage of being able to handle popular multiple 3D CAD design software on market such as Cadworx, Smart3D, AUTOCAD Plant 3D, PDMS, and Bentley Open Plant, we assure EPC and EPCM contractors of our full support to provide multidisciplinary plant modeling services involving the manner in which optimum piping routes, equipment & structure location, E&I cable tray routes are developed from an operational, maintenance, and safety perspective.

We offer multidisciplinary 3D CAD modeling services including Piping, Mechanical Equipment, Civil, Structure, E&I, and HVAC.

Services we offer

  • Preparation of 3D CAD engineering execution procedure

  • 3D CAD software administration, including project setup, specifications generation, and catalog customization. As well as isometric drawing extraction, plan drawing extraction, and orthographic drawing generation set-up

  • Equipment 3D modeling as per the inputs, such as mechanical data sheets/equipment layouts/vendor drawings

  • 3D modeling of civil/structural elements such as concrete foundations, equipment foundations, structures, platforms, walkways, ladders, railings, manholes, envelopes, pipe racks, skid base frame/lifting lugs and anchor bolts with input from detailed 2D drawings

  • 3D modeling of piping and pipe support modeling as per GA drawings with 2D AutoCAD format or line sketches provided by customers

  • 3D modeling of physical special support modeling as per detailed support GA drawings provided by clients

  • 3D modeling of instruments, junction boxes with support, and cable trays, as per the electrical and instrumentation layout in 2D drawings in AutoCAD format provided by clients

  • 3D modeling for utility buildings such as control rooms, motor control center (MCC) buildings, fire safety stations, etc.

  • 3D modeling for HVAC systems

  • Generation of interference detection or clashing report as per client's requirement

  • Preparation of extraction of equipment layouts, general arrangement drawings, piping isometrics, nozzle orientation drawings, fabrication drawings, and material take-off (MTO)/bill of materials (BOM) for piping, structure, and cable tray

  • Data cleansing and database backup, handover the project database to the client as per contract

Software we use