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Our cost-effective, high-quality skid design services take into account all of your requirements
Skid Design & Engineering
Skid Design & Engineering

PbTechnic provides skid/package designs for EPC companies and equipment suppliers to meet their equipment skid design needs. Our skid/package design focuses on providing comprehensive design services including Process, Piping, Mechanical, Structural, and E&I taking into consideration the schedule, budget, space optimization, and safety as our guiding principles. 

Services we offer

We create modular skid designs using advanced 3D CAD modeling tools and software. Our team takes into consideration the design of skid structure frames as well as the lifting and transportation methods.

Our services include:

  • Multi-discipline 3D CAD modeling of skid package design

  • Generation of skid orthographic drawings

  • E&I skid engineering and arrangement (cable tray, junction box, small bore, containment, etc.)

  • Generation of isometric construction drawings

  • Generation of structural frame fabrication drawings

  • Bill of materials report for piping and structural

  • Weight and COG calculation report for lifting and transportation

  • Lifting detailed arrangement drawings, lifting calculations, monorail calculations (drawing)

  • Structural frame calculations including anchor/foundation loads

  • Piping stress analysis and structural stress analysis reports

  • Fatigue analysis, surge analysis, transportation analysis, transit analysis, blast analysis, etc.

Software we use
Service Inquiries

You can send us a message using the Contact us form  available on our Contact us page or directly request a quote about our services here